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NCIBA Recap + Haul

Hello lovely bookish friends,

Last week I told you I was going to my first ever booksellers conference. Specifically: The Northern California Independent Bookstore Association's trade show. And, as I teased in my Sunday Post, I brought home FOUR tote bags full of books.

Below, I recap the event and show you the books. Buckle up, grab the popcorn, etc. because it's a long one!

Cover Crush: Once & Future

Hello there bookish friends!

I'm still working on that NCIBA haul! It's going to happen! ... But not today.

Instead, I'm trying out a new (to me) meme called #CoverCrush that was created by Kelly and Christy @ Bookcrushin'! Major shoutout to them for permitting me to try it out on my own blog and for generally being awesome bloggers.

Today's cover crush is:

Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy
YA Fantasy/Retelling, 336 pages
Expected March 5, 2019 from James Patterson Presents/Little, Brown
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While I am semi-hesitant about this James Patterson imprint, I am ALL ABOUT this cover. It reminds me a bit of the Cinder cover since it has a mechanical/sci-fi twist. I love the unexpected neon pink accents to a high-fantasy/historical set-up. But also: it's a gender-bent retelling of the Arthurian story, The Once and Future King, so yes please to all of it.

Has this made any of your TBRs? What do you think of the design? Let me know below!

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Mini Reviews: The Prince and the Dressmaker, Catboy, Snotgirl

Hello lovely bookish friends!

Today I was going to post my NCIBA haul that I've been hinting at... but wowowow that post is really long and it's taking forever. Instead of rushing it or staying up all night, I decided to just switch my schedule around a little bit. So if all goes to plan, it will go up tomorrow!

This edition of Mini Reviews is going to be focused on three graphic novels (well, graphic works) that I've read recently. And, spoiler alert: I liked them all!

The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang
YA Graphic Novel, 288 pages
February 13, 2018 from First Second
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My rating: 

This book hit the perfect sweet spot between being a page turner, an atmospheric and visually stunning piece, and a heartwarming story. It follows a prince who, secretly, at night, takes on a feminine alter ego and dresses in, well, dresses, when he goes out at night. It also follows his dressmaker, whose designs rise to fame, but who is held back by the prince's secret. I love that this book presents a character who breaks gender roles without it necessarily being about gender identity; I just think that's a nice angle to be represented. This book also presents several really lovely relationships that just leave you feeling good inside.

Which One Wednesday [1]

Hello bookish friends!

Today's post is inspired by a meme I used to absolutely love over at The Book Rat called Friday Face Off. Sadly, Misty no longer runs it, so I thought I would try my my hand at it.

This is how it works: I present two similar covers, and you leave your vote in the comments for which one did it better!


1. Fragments of the Lost - published November 2017 by Penguin Random House
2. The Devouring Grey - expected April 2019 from Titan Books

Both books are mystery/thrillers with covers that place the viewer as a driver on an empty highway. While #1 looks more like a storm, #2 in enshrouded in mist. Both also have neon pink lettering that fades into the scene. I know which one I like best, but it's up to you...

Which one did it better?