Which One Wednesday [1]

Hello bookish friends!

Today's post is inspired by a meme I used to absolutely love over at The Book Rat called Friday Face Off. Sadly, Misty no longer runs it, so I thought I would try my my hand at it.

This is how it works: I present two similar covers, and you leave your vote in the comments for which one did it better!


1. Fragments of the Lost - published November 2017 by Penguin Random House
2. The Devouring Grey - expected April 2019 from Titan Books

Both books are mystery/thrillers with covers that place the viewer as a driver on an empty highway. While #1 looks more like a storm, #2 in enshrouded in mist. Both also have neon pink lettering that fades into the scene. I know which one I like best, but it's up to you...

Which one did it better?

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  1. These are really similar. I think I liked Gray better. There is something maybe with the lettering or the color combination that works slightly better for me.